Life as a Geocacher

Caching and Reviewing

This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

Diamonds, Events, and Caches

Caching run

There has been a bit of news this week, and a bit of fun.

I was busy most of the week.  Scouts, church activities, and family took up most of my free evenings that I had.  Things were going pretty well, even though they were very hectic.

Then Thursday night my family was off playing when I got off work.

Jacob and I decided to head out.  With no particular place in mind, and with no specific goal.  We headed up spanish fork canyon.  Jacob wanted to look for a benchmark that someone had supposedly found and yet no one else could. 

We were digging through the grass looking for a benchmark that was on the front steps of an old building that was torn down.  (Yes we pretty much guessed it was not there and the person logged it anyway, but we wanted to check.)

We dug through the bushes when we heard a voice call out.  Dorkteam6 was on his way back from central Utah and just happened to see Jacobs jeep on the side of the road. 

Well we decided to head up Diamond Fork Canyon. Jacob had a cache that he wanted to place.  We did get to that location and decided to follow the road up.    So up we went.  Higher and higher up the hill.  I was impressed with how high it actually went.  I have not been on  many roads that gain that much altitude that fast.

Well all the way up we knew we were going to hide a cache or two.  So much of the discussion was where, and what to name them.

Dorkteam6 at his finest. He does look better with a mask.We decided to place thee. I wanted to have a clue in each one that leads to a final, but they wanted to part of it.  That was just as well we did not have many containers of size.  And hiding a micro in the woods seems counterproductive.

We ended up with a name.  Damn Barking Spiders.  It was tricky and there was a lot of discussion on route.  But that was the only thing that we could agree on.  And only because we were hearing them in our travels.  So it seemed to fit .


Fridat was the events.  I got off a little early and headed over the the hot dog event.  There were a few that were still there hanging around and talking.  I talked for a while before heading off home to gather things for the campout.  I had decided not to campout but I had decided to cook while I was there.

The group on the hike.. at least the start.

I grabbed everything too make a few cobblers (Peach and a Raspberry).  Everyone asks for peach, but after I make the raspberry no one finishes the peach (it happened again here).  We had a pretty good crowd that wandered in and out of the event most of the evening.  From the new cacher and his mom (he was 9 if i remember right) to the older of us that still make it out.

The Route up.I stayed for quite a while.  A number of people had scheduled campsites and were staying over.  Slowly they filtered off as we discussed cacheing and the different people, caches, and things that everyone had seen or done.

They made fun of me. I am getting used to it.  More than I used to. Slowly developing a thicker skin about it all.  I had another reviewer state that he though some gave up because they could not develop a thick skin and toss aside all the garbage that is tossed at them, or not able to filter out the attacks from the honest critique. Hopefully I am gbetting better.

The next morning was the hike to Maple Mountain.  I knew that I was not going to make it all the way.  It was a given already.  I knew time wise that I was not going to get that far before I had to be home.

In order to claim the hike you had to go 1/4 mile up the trail and get to the trailhead.  Well we had a group of about 12 that made it to the trailhead.  We talked for a bit and six of us started the hike up the mountain. LV2WV, the new cacher (9 years old) and his mother, and DrJay and I. 

We worked our way up the mountain, going slow helping everyone find caches that needed them, and I placed one in a stretch that seemed very empty.  Eventually Mr lv2wv stopped.  They had been told it was a easy hike, (it was not).  Though it was not very long it is rocky, uneven and really steep in a number of spots.An our new cacher and his mom stopped as well.

So then there were three.


Dr Jay in all his glory.We continued up the trail working our way through the heavy undergrowth.  It gets to about four feet high and fills the trail. so we had to wade, and snake our way through.

We grabbed a few caches and a challenge cache and Mrs. LV2WV headed back down to get her husband, and head down the mountain.

DrJay and I continued on. Braving the heavy growth, flies, steep hills, rocks, stinging nettle, and any other number of hardships until we found his cache half way to the peak.

At that point we turned and headed back down the mountain.  I would have gone up a little higher, but another steep spot chased me back.

On the way down we met goblincamper2004.  We had not realized that he was heading up as well, and he was working up to a few of the caches that were on the way up.  We pointed out that the next 1-2 were not very tricky to get to and he continued up while we headed down.

I have been up here a few times, and ruined a pair of boots, and a pair of sneakers.  Well add another pair of sneakers to this trail.  The holes finally got big enough, and a stitching blew that I had to go get another pair.

This has always been a fun hike, wether I had scouts, JedimasterAshlie, or DrJay and others this year. 

Thanks everyone for helping me enjoy myself.  I felt really good upon getting home.  I did go to bed early, and now my legs are stiff, but I still feel good and had a good time.

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