Life as a Geocacher

Caching and Reviewing

This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

Spring Cleaning, and Memory Lane.

Spring is here (in the northern hemisphere), and it is time to start cleaning up the caches that are found under snow. I have begun to go through mine and get them ready for spring.

There are always complaints in the spring that have to be addressed, soggy logs, cracked containers, stolen.  All of them have to be addressed to keep things rolling.

On my drive home I pass one of my first caches.  Limits  A few days ago I drove my and saw its uncamouflaged lime green lid as I drove by sitting under the tree.  I have it some thought over the next day.  someone is building a home on the property and is making a entrance way for their driveway.  Thought this is on the property line they decided to clean up all the dead-fall that was around it. Exposing the cache.  It was not taken, but just laying there on the ground.

I decided that it was time to let it go. I did not want to let it go, however someone is building a driveway to their house, and having it exposed would mean reworking the cache.  I could have moved it up the road 50 feet, but that would defeat the purpose.  It was placed exactly at the city limits between Springville and Spanish Fork.  If I put it out it will be  a new one.

The cache was a roll back in time for me.  In 2008 when I started caching it was new and exiting.  My kids were 7 and 4.  I decided to place my first cache on 5/5/2008, I put out two.  Neither were that great, one was a micro in a pile of rocks, the other was in a fake sprinkler.  The micro in a pile of rocks was horrible.  I archived it a bit later, the sprinkler was at my house, and even thought i told people to stay away from the roses they searched their and were getting cut.  So I later archived that one.

So the next day I went out with my daughters to hide a few.  We did not know what to put it something that was not a micro, so my daughter grabbed a bunch of erasers shaped like octopi (is that the plural form).  Well some of them were still in the cache.  Along with the original log, dry, and the container was still in good shape.  I plan on rehiding it somewhere.  I will paint it this time.  I have started paining all my containers.  The plastic stuff lasts longer, tape just comes apart.

It did make me think of my little kids when we were hiding, the fun we had waiting for DrJays first log, and Baad Daata following it.

Well back to my note.  I have been going through my caches now.  I adopted all the Boy Scout Utah National Parks Council caches.  So I could keep track of them better.  A few emails when out, and a few will be archived.  Going through mine a number need to be archived as well.  I have done that.  Some of my favorites went away.  I have a list of caches that need logs, containers, or a little move. So they are on my list. 

Happy Spring everyone.


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