Life as a Geocacher

Caching and Reviewing

This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

Here are the oldest active caches

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View Year 2000 of Geocaching in a larger map

View Year 2000 of Geocaching in a larger map For an explanation:
Warning Triangle - First Cache
Flags - May 2000
Blue Markers - June 2000
Red Markers - July 2000
Green Markers - August 2000
Turquoise markers - September 2000
Yellow markers - October 2000
Purple markers - November 2000
Redish/Purpleish - December 2000

1 GC30 11-May-00 Mingo KS
2 GC12 12-May-00 GC12 5/12/2000 OR
3 GC28 13-May-00 Beverly IL
4 GC3E 18-May-00 Lane Cove Australia
5 GC39 26-May-00 The Spot NY
6 GC46 26-May-00 Geocache by Kevin Anderson (Wellington) New Zealand
7 GC31 31-May-00 Arikaree KS
8 GC1D 3-Jun-00 Beaver Cache GA
9 GC43 3-Jun-00 Europe's First Ireland
10 GC16 4-Jun-00 GC16 6/4/2000 OR
11 GC1E 11-Jun-00 Tour of Stone Mountain GA
12 GC53 15-Jun-00 Equatorial Divine Kenya
13 GC25 17-Jun-00 Camels Prairie Stash ID
14 GC37 20-Jun-00 Missouri's First - Watts Mill MO
15 GCD 21-Jun-00 Ajromanelli WA
16 GC26 21-Jun-00 Two roads ID
17 GC27 21-Jun-00 Eggcellent ID
18 GC4B 25-Jun-00 Auckland Stash (Auckland) New Zealand
19 GC1B 27-Jun-00 Gorilla Stash AR
20 GCBBA 28-Jun-00 Geocache * (Was GC41) Canada
21 GC18 2-Jul-00 Tarryall CO
22 GC35 16-Jul-00 Power Island MI
23 GC20 17-Jul-00 Marooned GA
24 GC40 17-Jul-00 Geocache Belgium
25 GC19 20-Jul-00 Geocache CO
26 GC17 21-Jul-00 Geocache 7/21/2000 OR
27 GC23 21-Jul-00 Geocache HI
28 GC3B 15-Aug-00 Potters Pond UT
29 GC21 16-Aug-00 Lake Lanier GA
30 GC36 21-Aug-00 Geocache 612 MI
31 GC57 9-Sep-00 Geocache AZ
32 GC5C 17-Sep-00 Southern Idaho's First! ID
33 GC5B 20-Sep-10 Phils Memorial Cache CA
34 GC5F 24-Sep-00 Yuba City CA
35 GC62 26-Sep-00 Tombstone TX
36 GC67 28-Sep-00 Paul Barclay Stash CO
37 GC68 29-Sep-00 Centurion Guards AK
38 GC6E 30-Sep-00 KidsGeoCache AK
39 GC70 30-Sep-00 Octopus' Garden NC
40 GC72 30-Sep-00 Sun Gear Finland
41 GC74 1-Oct-00 First Mass MA
42 GC76 1-Oct-00 Rock Town GA
43 GC78 2-Oct-00 Firestone CA
44 GC79 7-Oct-00 Iron Horse WA
45 GC7A 8-Oct-00 Melbourne's 1st Australia
46 GC7B 8-Oct-00 T824 Table Mesa AZ
47 GC7C 9-Oct-00 Beaver Springs UT
48 GC7D 9-Oct-00 Lowell aka Second Mass MA
49 GC7E 8-Oct-00 Labrynth Canyon AZ
50 GC80 8-Oct-00 Little Creek Stash UT
51 GC85 14-Oct-00 Cameral Cache MA
52 GC86 14-Oct-00 Vermont 1 VE
53 GC89 15-Oct-10 Iron Horse GA
54 GC8E 17-Oct-00 Queens land Austrailia
55 GC90 19-Oct-00 Bonita Lakes MS
56 GC92 22-Oct-00 Un-Original Stash OR
57 GC93 23-Oct-00 Indianas First IN
58 GC98 28-Oct-00 Texas Double TX
59 GC9B 28-Oct-00 Clover SpringStash UT
60 GC9C 27-Oct-00 Rabbit Eye View CA
61 GC9E 29-Oct-00 NH #1 - Mines Follies NH
62 GCA0 30-Oct-00 Creekside Stash CA
63 GCA1 31-Oct-01 A Walk in the Park TX
64 GCA5 4-Nov-00 Hembre Ridge OR
65 GCA6 4-Nov-00 Strathcona Wilderness 1 Canada
66 GCA8 4-Nov-00 Wah Wah Stash UT
67 GCAB 8-Nov-00 Orange County Stash (3.0) CA
68 GCAF 11-Nov-00 Mount Cargill (Dunedin, Otago) New Zealand
69 GCB0 11-Nov-00 Flagstaff hill (Dunedin, Otago) New Zealand
70 GCB1 12-Nov-00 Unity Park (Dunedin, Otago) New Zealand
71 GCB6 13-Nov-00 Yellow River Stash GA
72 GCBC 19-Nov-00 Monte Cristo WA
73 GCBE 20-Nov-00 Turkey Cache NY
74 GCBF 19-Nov-00 Boston Cache NY
75 GCC2 24-Nov-00 Azucar Mine Offset CA
76 GCC6 25-Nov-00 Turkey Run Stash IN
77 GCC7 25-Nov-00 Fowler Park Wilderness Stash IN
78 GCC8 25-Nov-00 gerbiL cacHe NJ
79 GCC9 28-Nov-00 No Walk in the Park TX
80 GCD2 2-Dec-00 Doggie Do (revived!) CA
81 GCD4 3-Dec-00 Bovine Hill Stash CA
82 GCD6 2-Dec-00 Born Free CA
83 GCDE 10-Dec-00 Igor CA
84 GCE0 10-Dec-00 Aldo's Andover Geocache MA
85 GCE4 11-Dec-00 Another Brick in the Wall CT
86 GCE6 12-Dec-00 Willow Brook Wander MA
87 GCEC 16-Dec-00 Brenton Point RI
88 GCED 17-Dec-00 Senda de Tonto AZ
89 GCEF 17-Dec-00 CenTex Prime TX
90 GCF0 15-Dec-00 Scotland's First Scotland
91 GCF1 17-Dec-00 Frying Pan Australia
92 GCF4 24-Dec-00 Modoc Stash SC
93 GCF7 25-Nov-00 Austrialia's Used-to-be-Hisghest Australia
94 GCF9 26-Dec-00 XKD-380 NV
95 GCFA 25-Dec-00 Christmas Cache FL
96 GCFE 27-Dec-00 Diablo Point Cache AZ
97 GCFF 27-Dec-00 Stone Wall Stash PA
98 GC101 27-Dec-00 Hudson's Folly NY
99 GC103 28-Dec-00 High Tension in the Bog Denmark
100 GC104 28-Dec-00 Dragon Head Cache CA
101 GC106 28-Dec-00 Santa Barbara One CA
102 GC108 29-Dec-00 Survival Cache CA
103 GC10A 30-Dec-00 dElAWare 7{1} DE
104 GC10F 31-Dec-00 Bradley Palmer Geocache MA
105 GC111 25-Dec-00 Napa County's First Geocache CA
106 GC11E 31-Dec-00 Vitreous CA

* I debated keeping this one. But it looks like it was placed and adopted out a little while later. So the cache has always been there it just changed listings.

On another note I am sure there are others that actually say they were placed earlier. In fact on this list the bottom 3-4 were published after the 1st of the year but we go by the listing date. If you have some that you think should be listed let me know. I will see if they should be here.

If you are wondering about the GC Codes... well the GC codes came along a few months after the start of the website. Jeremy Sad down and assigned them codes based on the states. It looks like the first codes were given to Washington, then Oregon, etc.

By the time you get to GC code 50 they are in order of them being published.

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