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This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

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Oldest In Utah11-3-2014

Oldest In Utah11-3-2014

  GC Code Date Placed Name  
1 GC3B 15-Aug-00 Potters Pond Traditional
2 GC7C 9-Oct-00 Beaver Springs Traditional
3 GC80 8-Oct-00 Little Creek Stash Traditional
4 GC8A 15-Oct-00 Pony Express Stash Traditional
5 GC9B 28-Oct-00 Clover SpringStash Traditional
6 GCA8 4-Nov-00 Wah Wah Stash Traditional
7 GC283 8-Feb-01 Lib & Edub's Faultline Traditional
8 GC2A2 11-Feb-01 Cache with a view Traditional
9 GC2AF 16-Feb-01 Hound's-Tooth Cache Traditional
10 GC30C 19-Feb-01 Childhood Memories in the Mountains Virtual
11 GC35F 21-Feb-01 Zion Panorama Stash Traditional
12 GC335 22-Feb-01 The Edge of Starvation Traditional
13 GC331 22-Feb-01 The Wasteland Stash Traditional
14 GC367 22-Feb-01 N40W113 Traditional
15 GC3AA 1-Mar-01 West of IPP Traditional
16 GC3A7 1-Mar-01 Topaz Solitude Traditional
17 GC39F 1-Mar-01 aqua-gone Traditional
18 GC3EB 3-Mar-01 Desert Mountain Cache Traditional
19 GCDF5 4-Mar-01 Black Rock Station Traditional
20 GC419 7-Mar-01 In The Chips Traditional
21 GC472 9-Mar-01 Secret Mesa Cache Traditional
22 GC445 10-Mar-01 The Furniture Traditional
23 GC466 11-Mar-01 BEAVER OVERLOOK (#1) Traditional
24 GC470 12-Mar-01 The 'G' Spot Traditional
25 GC4B7 17-Mar-01 South Willow Road Traditional
26 GC4B2 17-Mar-01 UTM. a.k.a Denali Summit Traditional
27 GC514 17-Mar-01 T697 Mr. Happy's Cache Traditional
28 GC4E5 18-Mar-01 No Place in Particular (#2) Traditional
29 GC50E 20-Mar-01 THE GAP (#3) Traditional
30 GC52E 23-Mar-01 Xmas Tree Cache Traditional
31 GC53E 24-Mar-01 Meeting of the Glaciers Traditional
32 GC54A 24-Mar-01 Wedge Overlook Cache and Ride Traditional
33 GC55C 24-Mar-01 Mantua Traditional
34 GC584 27-Mar-01 First Cache County Cache Traditional
35 GC5A3 30-Mar-01 Flying Monkey Mesa Traditional
36 GC66E 11-Apr-01 Map Cache Traditional
37 GC6E6 14-Apr-01 Fool Creek Point Traditional
38 GC7AD 21-Apr-01 Van Cott OpenSource Cache Traditional
39 GC7AB 23-Apr-01 Squaw Peak Overlook Traditional
40 GC7C0 23-Apr-01 GAME "X" (#5) Traditional
41 GC830 29-Apr-01 mormon flat/little emigration cache Traditional
42 GC920 5-May-01 The Yellow Cache Traditional
43 GC8C1 5-May-01 A Pair of Caches Multi-Cache
44 GCA73 11-May-01 Secret Treasure Traditional
45 GC95F 14-May-01 The Sentinel Traditional
46 GC960 14-May-01 THE "JUST AROUND THE CORNER" CACHE Traditional
47 GC976 15-May-01 Confluence Cache Traditional
48 GC974 15-May-01 Deep Creek Station Traditional
49 GC984 16-May-01 Gone to the Dogs Traditional
50 GC9A6 15-May-01 Quarter Past 2 Traditional
51 GCA17 21-May-01 Ross Wright Memorial Cache Traditional
52 GCA33 23-May-01 Snowed in Traditional
53 GCAD9 26-May-01 Mountain Vista Traditional
54 GCA79 26-May-01 Strawberry Knolls forever Traditional
55 GCA6E 26-May-01 Muley Point Traditional
56 GCA70 26-May-01 King's Cache Traditional
57 ACA6F 26-May-01 Seven Sailors Traditional
58 GCAD0 27-May-01 Currant Creek Trail Traditional
59 ACA9A 27-May-01 Cottonwood Overlook Traditional
60 ACAE3 28-May-01 Little Wild Horse Cache Traditional
61 ACAFD 31-May-01 Bounty-Full Traditional
62 GCAF7 31-May-01 Stockton's Stash Traditional
63 GCB4D 3-Jun-01 UTE-FREMONT Rock Art Cache Traditional
64 GCB5D 3-Jun-01 Terra Traditional
65 GCB7D 4-Jun-01 Briar Rabbit Traditional
66 GCB9A 6-Jun-01 Wayne's Box Traditional
67 GCC5D 7-Jun-01 Mike's Memorial Traditional
68 GCBC1 4-Jun-01 Winter Quarters Traditional
69 GCBB9 8-Jun-01 Camp Floyd/Stagecoach Inn Cache Traditional
70 GCC09 8-Jun-01 Central Utah Canal Traditional
71 GCC1B 10-Jun-01 View of the Venue Traditional
72 GCC40 12-Jun-01 Zeus's Roost Virtual
73 GCC87 13-Jun-01 Gunlock Cache Traditional
74 GCC6F 14-Jun-01 Mine Camp Peak trailhead Traditional
75 GCC68 14-Jun-01 Paul Bunyon's Woodpile Traditional
76 GCD1D 15-Jun-01 Commadore Stash Traditional
77 GCD19 15-Jun-01 Rubble Traditional
78 GCC9E 16-Jun-01 Timpanooke Traditional
79 GCCE8 17-Jun-01 Timpview Traditional
80 GCD14 19-Jun-01 Indian Springs Cache Traditional
81 GCD2C 20-Jun-01 White Rock Cache II Traditional
82 GCD45 22-Jun-01 East Fork Traditional
83 GCD6C 23-Jun-01 Grampa Cache Traditional
84 GCDB8 23-Jun-01 Beat The Heat Traditional
85 GCD60 23-Jun-01 Three Mountain Lakes Cache Traditional
86 GCD6B 23-Jun-01 East Fork of the Bear River Traditional
87 GCE02 29-Jun-01 Art Nord Trail Traditional
88 GCE2F 30-Jun-01 Fir Lake Overlook Traditional
89 GCE56 30-Jun-01 Kitty Kat's Repose Traditional
90 GCE81 30-Jun-01 Yuba-Dooba-Do Traditional
91 GC1017 4-Jul-01 Willard Basin Cache Traditional
92 GCEDF 4-Jul-01 Gummin up the Works Traditional
93 GCEC1 4-Jul-01 The ELK Rancher Traditional
94 GC4F0F 4-Jul-01 film set 00"INDIPENDENCE DAY" Virtual
95 GCEF3 5-Jul-01 The Fountain of Justice Traditional
96 GCF0C 6-Jul-01 Mid-Sky Traditional
97 GCF0F 6-Jul-01 extreme ant farm Traditional
98 GCFC9 7-Jul-01 Stewart Falls Traditional
99 GCFA6 8-Jul-01 Black Water Lagoon Traditional
100 GCFFB 10-Jul-01 Malan's Basin Cache Traditional

Oldest In Utah11-3-2014

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