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Caching and Reviewing

This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches. opens doors.

Well after all this time, the door is finally open to the website.  This is very patchy blog entry, most of it is rambling thoughts of skimming through the sites.

I sat down and started to look through again, after my first run through their system a month ago.

Here are my reactions.

Tons of dead links.  I ran into a lot of dead ends.  Some of my pages seemed to freeze.  I could not get anywhere until I started over with the main page.

There was no verification when i joined, and when firennice was taken, it assigned me (without asking) the FIRENNICE150 handle.  Apparently lower case has not been figured out at Garmin.

I took the time to enter the cache that I owned.  There are only three cache types traditional, puzzle, and multi.  So if you were hoping for something else then good luck.  It went in ok, and it calculated the initial "awesomeness" of the cache for me. 

There was no review.  I repeat  there was no review. That surprised me.  Most know that a lot of caches are never listed, and many others are asked to modify them.  I get one cache a week that is in the middle of the ocean, others in wilderness area.  There apparently is no checking,.  I also get a few dozen "update coordinate" notices here in Utah every week, but I don't see that ability here.

The guidelines are odd... very odd.

Under Rules and etiquette.

The real rules here...Family Friendly, no digging, or trespassing.

Under how to hide they add.

Seek permission, saturation (.1 miles) , avoid places that set off alarms, keep others save  

"Don’t hide your caches on cliffs, down abandoned mines, in trenches or anywhere that might put the safety of geocachers in peril."

As a cache owner there does not appear to be a way to delete my cache, or disable it?   Apparently it is there forever. Unless I cannot see it.  No one has logged anything.  But there are no controls that I see to delete bogus logs, or entries.   So who knows?

Searching was sporadic.  But with imfrog2002 and mine the only two in Utah there were no options.

You can import your finds, and your caches. So your info tracks

I could not get the link that report a cache that is against the guidelines to work. 


This is beta, I hope.  Messy, and many things that seem to be a future issue.  I do think that is better at the moment, but the other cache site is cleaner, and better to use, and it has more cache options.

Deleting my caches and logs on my caches seems bad, tracking me on two sites?  how does it interact between the two?  (more on those thoughts later).

I don't see anything appealing.  With cache rating coming on soon, there is nothing that would draw me over to the site.  I will keep playing to see what I get.  

No review and check of new members opens it up to attack.  Spamming the site with fake caches, grabbing caching names.  I wish i could keep the same name, but apparently I cant.

It does work to transfer info between the two sites.




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