Life as a Geocacher

Caching and Reviewing

This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

Desert Wanderings.

This weekend was one of running and maintenance.  I took my travels to central Utah.  Yes the real central Utah not Utah county.  I would still consider that as Northern Utah (central Utah starting at Mona in my book).

I headed to Richfield and after a wait for the ladies to do their shopping I ran about town and repaired/replaced/checked on a number of my caches. 


GC1CNBV  Grrrrrrowl the Park has always been one of my favoirites.  With a few people not tagging it as found I replaced it.  Then someone had logged it.  So now there may be two there. Crap.  Oh well thats life.

GC1CNCG Cadillac Ranch  was on my list. It was a cheap lock and lock from the dollar store.  After two years three of the locks were gone.  Happily the people have been placing it flat so it was dry inside.  I did take out and old candy bar.  mmmmmm tasty, and promptly threw it away.

GC1CNCT And their off... is at the local horse race/county fair location.  It apparently had something dead nearby and once again the cheap lock and lock had failed.  but this time was full of water. I took a new one to replace it but found a container there all camoed up and hanging nice.  A public shout and thanks to tronimator for the fix it while passing through from Wyoming. 

I had archived 2 others in town for lack of getting to them some time ago.  I was sad to see on the maps 8-9 others had been archived.  Once cache owner committed geocide, and all his caches are gone... poof.  Some of them were really good.  It appears that no new cachers are picking up the challenge where he left off.

There was also a moment driving down that I had a head slapping reminder.  Last August I placed a caches and never finished the review.  I know for most people that would be really odd.  It would be in your Queue and stand out.. you know like.. HEY IDIOT FINISH THIS. Not for me.  I have about 30 caches in various states of work.  Some/most will never get published.  I have 7 wherigo caches in process.  3-4 Challenges, and a number of others that just slipped my mind.

So Finally I took the time to finish and publish GC1XPDJ Hi diddle de dee.. a cachers life for me.  

After that (or was it before) I sat down and looked through the caches and published a few.  I had not taken the time to really go through them all.  I am slowly picking through a 200+ caches that are to be published in July.  So that is filling a bit of my time.

Sunday was the bigger day. 

Off we went to Loa.  A nephew is heading off for two years to London, so we wend with the rest of the family to get rid of him (I mean say farwell for a while).  He is a great kid and I really wish him the best, and he will really enjoy it over there.

Well afterward my sister wanted some pictures taken, so we drove out just south of town. To a place they called Big Rocks.  While there I wandered off to find a regular sized cache GCGQTR Big Rocks  Most of the pics that I am posting here today are from there.  All of them lava rocks ... Rhyolites actually.. Yes it is a Earthcache in the makeing.. one of 6 (speaking of my many caches that are floating out there).  The cache was in an ice cream bucket.  So in another year it will be gone.  I am pretty sure that it is not the original cache.  There is no way that it lasted for 7 years in that container.  they get so brittle I give in a year before it comes apart.  The sun and winters destroy them.

The rest of the day was spent on a drive back.  We drove back on the back side of the mountains up to the Freeway and through Emery and up to Price.  We grabbed a few on the way and a few were fantastic photo locations.  It was a nice trip.

We arrived home rather late, and I sat down and finally started to pound out the caches that people had listed over the weekend.  Mostly Sunday listings but a few from the days before.  I still need to start going through my email.  <sigh> well I guess that is coming up.

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