Life as a Geocacher

Caching and Reviewing

This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

Welcome to the Jungle, Bling, and stuff

Welcome to the Jungle

Last night started quietly enough. I left work and headed home.  Everything was quiet, my wife and kids were at seven peaks.  So I sent a sad and lonely message to Jac0b begging him to do something.  I was pretty bored, and did not want to be alone on a nice evening. 

So he wandered over and off we went geocaching.  It was about that point that I realized that my gps was filled with caches from my trip to southern Utah.  So I was at his mercy.  We decided to head off and look for two.


The first was one that I had not found before and apparently needed the help of another village idiot to not be able to find it.  Success!! well if you mean failure.  GC1QB3K Cricket Lake We had no luck at all.  Well we did notice that people almost drained this tiny swamp at one time.  Wow it was sure nice someone put an info sign in the middle of an industrial park at some stupid pond.

Well we headed for the next one.  GC1efeg Computer Geek.  That was apparently was far more difficult then either of us had hoped. But right next to it was a trail heading off into the reeds.  Of course neither one of us could pass this opportunity down.  So off we went down the trail.  We were kicking ourselves that we had not brought a cache container.  What a great place.  Reeds were head high, under and over logs, fish and muskrats were running off.  It was a great place and spooky as well.

Well it just so happened that I had a cache container in my pocket.  Thanks to LV2WJ I had a dna tube in my pocket.  Not what we wanted, but evil anyway. After a long drawn out hike we found a home for the little evil thing.  Today it became GC2B07J Rumble in the Jungle.  We discussed the name for some time.  And there was a desire by one of our party to place a second evil cache here, but perhaps I will come back and place a larger one.


Woo hoo today my coin came

I thought it looked sweet.  It is possibly the largest coin that I have seen.  2" round or a tiny bit bigger.


Today was the new code realease from  If you did not notice the little "feedback" button on the right of your screen you should.  It takes you too a new page called "get satisfaction".  It is a specialized forum for sharing ideas, and for reporting and responding to bugs.

For example two of the largest ideas (after about 5 hours) are

Bring Back Virtual Caches with 474 votes in favor, and listed as "under consideration".

Challenge Icon with 272 in favor, also "under consideration" and has the following lackey comment "We are exploring the idea of more official Geocaching Challenges now. There are many different types of challenges so this can be... erm... challenging. I would love to hear your thoughts on what challenges everyone enjoys the most and how they can be better integrated with the site."

There are a number of other tweaks. GC codes pull down to links if you wish to copy them.  Feel free to poke around. Hopefully it is friendlier than ever to play on the site.



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