Life as a Geocacher

Caching and Reviewing

This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

The Weekend

This last week I headed south to my families stomping grounds, Fishlake.  My grandparents had a cabin here long ago, and it was time for our annual family reunion. 

Not much happened of interest.  I wanted to take a hike around the lake but did not have the chance.  I did look for a few caches. I had pretty mixed luck that day about 50-50  but I did get the final info for a Earthcache I was working on.  I have a few more but I have to get permission from the Forest Service.  I just need to stop by the office in Spanish Fork and talk to them about it before I actually finalize it.  That has always been the biggest pain getting the permission part done.

There were a ton of caches listed this weekend.  I did a few from my phone.  I have to be a little selective.  If there appears to be problem then I have to wait and do it at home.  It takes far to long to write the notes on my phone. 

I did get to place about 6 caches in all. A few I made members only.  Mostly because I feel like they might vanish, so that might help them stay put just a little bit more.  I was shocked at the number of caches that are in that area that are gone.  It appears that a number of cachers have archived their caches that used to be in the area.  I used to have a number of caches in Richfield, and I had about 1/3 now I have about all of them, and i archived a few that have gone away.

I have tried to figure out why some areas are so successful with the number of cachers.  I think each area needs 2-3 people that actively place caches. or people find all in their neighborhood and they give up.  Vernal, St George, Weber County, Utah County, all seem to have so many caches being placed that it keeps people going.  Other places like Davis, and Salt Lake counties, seem to have enough cachers that they keep people going.  They get enough interest to travel to look for caches.



On another note, Geocaching Podcast mentioned the Kokapelli in southern Utah.  Billion put in a ton of work on those caches, and getting the it up.  What is really amazing is that he had to plan the caches before going and haul them all there.  Regardless of wether it was a hard place to get to or not.  Congrats Billion.

So many caches.. so little time.... talk to you later.


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