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This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

Favorite Caches in Utah

Not wanting to play a computer game tonight.. I decided to sit down and calculate the favorite caches in Utah.  I played in the Data, and was going to go with 5 votes and up, but there was just way to many with five votes so I cut them out.  As it is the list had 170 with seven votes and up.

The favorites by votes is a quick and easy look up on, so no surprises there.   Well I was surprised that the favorites was Bryce Canyon.  I would have guessed Arches or Zions.

Favorite Caches - By Votes
50 VirtualBryce Canyon National Park- Inspiration Point by Team Family Affair (GCHQMX)

48 Traditional Tour of Duty (TBs) by CoolCache (GCR206)
37 Virtual Cache Angel's Landing by Iskander De Toquerville, Pipeline & Percible (GCG2ZP)
33 Earthcache Delicate Arch by Lord Mot, Baby Girl and Littlefoot (GC177KB)
32 Virtual Arches National Park- Balanced Rock by Team Family Affair (GCHQFJ)


Favorite Votes by % was a huge surprise.  Well I went from 6 votes and up.  I was going to go from 5 votes and up, but there were way too many votes in those categories.  What was a surprise was that four of the top five were all mystery caches, and one multi caches.  All with few visitors but they were all favorites of those that voted. 

Favorite Caches - By %  - Minimum 6 votes
86% Unknown Cache Soup in my Thermos by uintahiker (Adopted by himilecyclist) (GCYYGV)
78% Unknown Cache Pining for Evergreens by MOCKBA (GCJVJY)
75% Unknown Cache Brave Mountaineers by himilecyclist (GC260CZ)
60% Multi-cache Liar's Multi by Baad Daata (GC1M451)
55% Unknown Cache One Cache To Rule Them All - Middle Earth Cache by firennice (GC1EQK7)


Traditionals was also simple.  you can look them up on

Favorite Traditional by Votes
48 Traditional Tour of Duty (TBs) by CoolCache (GCR206)
22 Traditional Cache Salt Lake City Travel Bug Hotel by Lefty624 (GCQF8F)
21 Traditional Cache Potters Pond by leaper64 & dirk88 (GC3B)
17 Traditional Cache Turn your Head and Cough by sorensenØ (GCXPPE)
17 Traditional Cache Mexican Hat by magura (GCH83R)


% favored was also interesting.  The Wreck of the Hesperis was really high on the list. The stories of those that go out to it is truly interesting and unique.

Favorite Traditional by %
47% Traditional Cache Wreck of the Hesperis by Streight Arrow (GCQ8VR)
40% Traditional Cache It's All Monkey Business To Me! by Ho'okele (GC28XWA)
39% Traditional Cache HOLLOW TREE by ruger44 (GCPY97)
32% Traditional Cache The Wickiup by DeViDe (GCG60X)
29% Traditional Cache Galileo 400 by lesdubois and son (GC1TYC9)


Utah has 170 caches with six and more votes. 

30 Earthcaches

1 Letterbox

5 Multi-caches

58 Traditionals

28 Unknown

50 virtuals

It was surprising that most of the virtuals had less than 10% favorites.  With none over 20%.

Most of the Unknown caches were over 20% and except for the Multi-cache from Baad Daata they had the only caches over 50%


See all the data on this page  

Broken down by type and by votes/% 

The page is pretty long with a lot of info.. so pan down.


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