Life as a Geocacher

Caching and Reviewing

This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

Thoughts on my polls.

A week of sickness has made me really not take much time for anything other than sleeping and hoping I can feel better. 

I decided to take a moment to look at  a few of the polls that I have thrown up.

What are People favorite cache size?

Regular of course.  That is really no surprise.  It had 50% of the votes cast. with another 17% going to small caches.  Micro, Virtuals and Events brought in the tail end.

What geocaching sites do you use regularly?

Every person selected, a few others selected garmincaching, opencaching sites, dgpstats, and  As a surprise no one selected Terracaching, or Navacaching.

Thoughts on the ET Highway going away?

14% of people had done the trail, but a whopping 40% were planning to do it.  That was surprising to me.  That 40% were planning or hoping to go and do the trail at some point.

What was your favorite addition to in the last year?

Nearly half said the change in pocket queries to 1000 was their favorite addition. An addition to the stats was second with 17 percent.  It was interesting to note that the Latitude 47 blog and the new maps were the least favorites.

How many geocaches have you placed?

Wow. Most of the people that have visited my site.  43% of them have placed 50-150 caches. 29% of people have place less than 50 caches.   The single biggest group was the 17% that have placed 100-150 caches.

How many favorite points have you used?

40% of people have said that they have only placed a few of their points.   That is a shame to me.  I really like to see what caches are peoples favorites.  I am starting to look more and more at those.On the other end 40% of people have used 80-100% of their favorite points.  So it appears people love them, or ignore them altogether.

What made your best cache day ever?

This was a litte of a surprise to me.  People could select a number of things, not just one.  And the biggest selection was that it was who they were with, that made the day great.  Second behind that was a tie for Where you were caching and the Journey to the cache.  No one selected the size of the cache, one person selected that it was because they found a 7 year old FTF.

So there are my thoughts .. I thought I would wing them out.


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