Life as a Geocacher

Caching and Reviewing

This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

Give Thanks to Others this Thanksgiving

This was a holiday weekend in the United States.  Thanksgiving, a time that we give thanks for all that we have been given.

So now that everyone has thanked those around you, take the time to give thanks to the impressive and awesome caches that you have found over the years. It is a simple way to let other cachers know how you appreciate them.  So often people are so caught up into numbers that they forget to thank others.  As a cache owner I took the time to go back and find the caches that really impressed me, and I wanted to flag as a favorite.

It is also useful to find caches.  When I was traveling this weekend, and I was running out of daylight (at 5:30 sheesh) , I started to pick caches that had 2-3 favorite points. I was doing searches on my phone, then looking for 3 or more favorite points.  I avoided the one favorite point caches.  I have seen best friends give a favorite point because of the cache owner, so I was skipping those as I traveled through the area.

My process of giving out favorite points.

I have given out about 200 of the 300 favorite points that I have.  I keep thinking about others, but at the same time I may be overly picky.

When I sat down I decided that the caches that I was most likely to give favorite points to were the Virtual and Earthcaches. So I just pulled them up when I was looking at them.  then went through them.  After that I gave a look at the multi caches (mostly because I did not have many of them).

Then I pulled up maps.  I looked for caches that I found in the hills and mountains.  Ones that impressed me.  Followed by the caches that others may have favorited.

Like I mentioned, I still have 200.  I never want to give all of them out.  If I come across a great string of 10 caches (rare but possible), I want to have that available to give out. 

Logging interesting logs.

I had not thought of this until I was typing this.  You can not easily go back to your caches and add large long cache logs.   There are a few options.

Log as a note.  On my phone, or gps I put small notes that will help me later.  I can log from my phone, but it is tricky and slow.  So I usually will save them until I get home.  Pull up my field notes and add an interesting log.

Some may have seen this, I posted it on Facebook, but I wanted to share one of my favorite logs, that I received on a letterbox earlier this week.

Oh great and powerful wizard of the gossamer coils spread across the world, and gatekeeper who doth guard the access to the mapping of treasures by us mere mortals, I embarked upon a noble adventure this morn to be the first to uncover your treasured prize in the fabled canyon of precious jewels and eating utensils, on this, the twenty-fourth day of the eleventh month, being not a date upon which I had successfully completed such a task in years past. A chill was in the air as I climbed aboard my azure chariot and began my adventure, uncertain as to my fate. Upon my arrival at the location of the starting point mentioned in the scrolls I was disheartened to see that two chariots were already on the scene. Had usurpers arrived prior, thus robbing me of the glory I sought? A pair of young lovers unrecognized by me had recently dismounted their chariot and had proceeded up the trail. Were they there seeking treasure? Or perhaps they were there seeking the fabled mineral pools in order to copulate in their mystical warm waters. I immediately proceeded along the path foretold in the magical electronic prophesy. When I saw that the lovers had chosen a different path than I, I breathed a sigh of relief as I realized that I would not have to engage them in combat for the prize that I sought and silently wished them success in their copulatory endeavour.

But what of the other chariot? Might there still be a usurper afoot? A brief examination of the path before me, and the lack of telltale footprints in the glistening frost led me to believe that I alone was on this adventure and that my only enemy would be myself and my good senses. I forged ahead, not knowing what awaited me. I descended into the crevasse, forged across the raging river, and emerged successfully out the other side without incident. I could see the signs that you, oh omnipotent wizard, quite nearly tumbled in the mud on your adventure.

As I ascended out of the crevasse, the landmarks laid before me, just as was foretold in the prophesy and I proceeded without trepidation. At last, I arrived at a green and living stone, and beyond that a large log stretching up and away from the trail. Was this the location of the treasure? Had my adventure finally come to an end! A brief inspection revealed to me that it ultimately did not match the description in the prophesy... my adventure was not yet complete. Curses!! I proceeded onward.

Further up the path, was a foreboding place that seemed to present a bit more of a challenge, which was alluded to in the scrolls. My journey may have finally come to an end. Upon making the transit around the fabled green and living stone, I spotted the log and sticks, and I knew then that I had finally reached my goal. I uncovered the treasure, my heart pounding in my chest. Only one issue remained: would the parchment inside be devoid of writing? My hands trembled as I removed the scroll from its protective sheath, and slowly unfurled it to reveal that it was unblemished by another's hand.

VICTORY WAS MINE!! I shouted a cry of praise to the Spirits of Valhalla and proceeded to make my mark, thus claiming the prize as my own in the fiftieth minute of the ninth hour. I carefully replaced the treasure to its hiding place to await the next adventurer and then proceeded back down the path to my awaiting chariot, to make my way home and to the arms of my impatiently waiting fair maiden, who not surprisingly cared not to hear the tales of my adventure.

But that does not make the victory any less sweet. Long shall I remember this adventure, and my point of favor is awarded to it to mark it as a grand adventure to all for all eternity.

TFTFTF, oh great and mighty wizard. You shall forever hold a place of honor in my eyes.

Thanks to Dr. Jay for the log. 

Remember to share.  Share your experiences.  It is why geocaching is more interesting that some of the other games.  We share our experiences.

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