Life as a Geocacher

Caching and Reviewing

This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

Life and caching

Just to be clear... I have a life.

I do spend a lot of my time geocaching and reviewing, but some days I just need a break. 

Here is my typical day...

12-7am My phone is shut off at night. I don't need it buzzing all night because some goober is waiting for their cache to be listed, or happens to be up complaining.

7-9am  I am getting kids ready for school. I usually read the news, check emails, etc.  I do it from the comfort of my bed.  Usually yelling at my girls telling them to get in the shower (I don't want to get up yet). I read emails, and see if there is anything urgent.

9-5:00 Work.  Yes I do work.  I do check my emails during this time from my phone.  Do not expect a response.

Breaks and lunch.  I am on my computer at work seeing what is up.  Providing that i do not need food.  If I am hungry then you are all screwed for new caches.  I really want to eat.

5-7pm  I usually review a number of caches. Usually the ones without issues.  If I have to type a discourse on how you need to add waypoints, remove commercial aspects, and that you are 4 feet from another cache I might put it off to get the fast ones done.   I might also wait if your caches has something that I want to think about, ask other reviewers opinions, or it makes me feel dirty. 

7-9 Scouts/Family/Movies/Yardwork  who knows what great adventure I may be involved in.

9-12 review, archive, and play with gsak.  I take the time to review in here if there is any.  I usually go through those painful ones that I have put off.  I will archive caches that are horrible, or just need stones thrown at them.  I also play with my GSAK.

Then bed...


In the middle of those, some nights I do Earthcaches as Geoawareusa2.  This is the most time consuming part of my reviewing list.  Very few people actually read the guidelines on Earthcaches. Where 70-80% of my caches are publishable at first glance, Earthcaches are about 10%.  Most just have simple issues that can be reworked. 

  • Remove photo requirement
  • Add educational material
  • Wrong topics

A few caches can take the evening.

Wrap up

I know sometimes that caches is the most important thing in some peoples lives. However it is not always the case in mine.  When I get ten emails for me to publish their cache when I pointed out a problem at 5pm, and now it is 8pm, I just ignore them. 

If your cache has issues then you fall to the end of my list. I check new caches, then go through my email from oldest to newest. Emailing me ten times will not speed it up.  It is no fair that I delay those that are waiting for review.  Or that I just jump to you now, when there are five people that have fixed their caches also waiting.

Most understand.  A few do not. I have been known to ignore my review queue for a day.  I may want a little vacation, read a book, or just watch a movie.  Please don't freak out.  I plan to be back to it sometime.



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