Life as a Geocacher

Caching and Reviewing

This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

Enjoyable Hunts

Once and a while you just have one of those days.

Most of the time I avoid puzzles, but I still give them a look once and a while.  I always hope that I can find them, and that I will stumble across something.  However I don't have any luck.  I really stopped hunting for them a few years ago.  When I was asked to be a reviewer I had a dozen or so solved. I had someone accuse me of getting the answers and not solving them. So I gave up on them altogether.

Well I rarely look at them anymore.  However at home or at work, I look at those that are nearby and think about them.  Usually skimming them over, seeing if I see the solution.  Normally a quick look lets me know I have no idea what I am doing and I move on. 

However this time I actually saw something.  I was looking at a cache and things clicked in my mind. A few phrases rang out and that made me start to look on my computer and work through the solution. Then I jumped into my truck and took off. 

I tore through ground zero for nearly an hour. I was sure I was at the right place but worried that it was gone.  I emailed some photos and some info to the cache owner and had some words of encouragement that I was on the right track, but hunting just a little off where it actually was. 

More hunting today and I stumbled across it. It made me happy in so many ways.  The cache was listed nearly a year ago, and I was the first to actually find it. Thanks for the nightfox for the cache and dealing with me.  It was fun. I rarely go after puzzles, so this was a double fun cache.

If I had to pick some of my favorites, this would be one of them, because it just worked out, and is memorable to me.

On the cache page he had a rhyme, so I put one together for my log.


Yesterday I did sit at work all alone,
Eating lunch as I waited to answer my phone.
I nibbled my lunch and surfed the wide net,
searching for a cache, in which to go get.
I looked toward those that sat nearby,
Then I stumbled on this and said "oh My!"
A number of times I had looked in passing,
and most puzzles to me just seem quite harassing.
But I suddenly saw some clues to my eyes,
that made me scramble to claim my prize.
To the waiting location I scurried and flew,
In the rusty old truck I went hitherto.
I wandered to the east and then to the west,
Looking so hard and doing my best.
I finally gave up as the hour flew past,
and as the trash about made me gasp.
I did try so hard, but the horror did build,
and my dreams for the find was instantly killed.
For I knew I was there, so close, yet so far,
now here i was, heading to work in my car.
I wandered to work, all lost and confused,
Yet my coworkers just looked as if they were bemused.
I sent all my notes from my near hour search
To see if twas searching near the caches perch.
"Yea" I was told, "you were close, oh so close my friend,
Keep looking you will find it, if you hold to the end."
So with glad heart, I wandered back to the trail,
and quest long and hard for the holy grail.
For lo and behold it stood before me,
How dumb could I possibly be.
For a moment I thought I was as dumb as cold1
Then I laughed as I thought that he weighed a gross ton.
For I opened the cache, and I was first to find,
a rarity for me, and my name twas there signed.
I commend the Nightfox for the hide this great day,
and the adventures and sights that I saw on my way.
Twas a nice spring day to undergo this fine quest,
I claim with a favorite point tis one of the best.
Some may think over-hard, at this puzzling hide,
to those please stay at your home and inside.
Ignore the fun, and the trek that awaits
go find a lamp post or a cache on some gates.
The reward that is had from a this tricky hide,
Will warm you year round with a joy deep inside.

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