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This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

Danish DC6A Kippers in the Jungle

We interrupt your regularly scheduled discussion on Earthcaches to bring you the following.

I have had two emails from Danish people in the last few days along with a lot of visits to my webside from the Danish.  The emails were concerning GC6A Kippers in the Jungle.  I have not included it on my list of the oldest geocaches.  Their feeling is that I shold be cause it was placed in August of 2000.  Making it one of the four worldwide from the month.

Well.  Sorry I had decided to pull it off some time ago.   Here is my reasoning.

The cache page was created and assigned a GC # in September of 2000.  It was then in existance for a little while in June of 2001 it turned up misisng and it was archived in June 2002. In 2006 he was lucky enough to get the old dead cache unarchived.  So the cache was not there for a period of five year.

Just because he spoke to the right person at the right time, does not mean it was an active cache.  I decided that it does not fit my list as being one of the oldest caches on my list because of that.   Personally I would not consider it valid for a Jasmer challenge if I owned one.  However that is just my opinion.

Also FYI. The GC # was assigned somtime in September 29-30th.  Making it a September cache not an August cache.

Sorry I just chose not to list it, sorry if I upset someone.  It just did not seem fair to the other cachers that did keep their caches up and going.

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