Life as a Geocacher

Caching and Reviewing

This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

Thanks for the Favorite points

I had a few discussions this last week with people about favoriting caches.  You know, selecting the little ribbon to give to a cache that you really enjoy.  There are a number that do not take the time. That is kind of funny seeing as how many people will not hesitate to share a page, or hit "like" on facebook.  Those same people have never given a favorite point on caching.

What is it?

Well lets first just say what it is. Every 10 caches that you find you can mark a favorite.  Simple, and there is not much more to go into detail about. This is a reward for cachers that place them, it also lets people hunt for caches that have favorites so they know the cache they are hunting for may be above average. That may be more important if the cacher is traveling through.

How do you choose? 

That is up to you, everyone has a different rule.  I seem to have given a high percentage to caches that are Earthcaches, Virtuals, or wherigos.  Then a number that are larger containers seem to fall in the mix.

It is actually the hardest to go back.   I jumped in and went through cache types.  The ones that I might only have a hundred or less to go through.  Then jumped into GSAK and sorted out the larger caches.  They tended to be high on my list.

Great container, great cache, great location, are all a few of the  reasons that I gave them favorites.

Begging for the favorite.

This was a killer for me.  I had one that may have been on my list, and a got an email that was kind of snotty, saying that I should really take the time to favorite his cache.  I did not get around to it for a bit, and I got another email saying something along the lines of "everyone else has favorited the cache I should as well."  and "If I did not favorite the cache they would not favorite mine" 

I sent an nice email back and said I never give favorites to people who beg for the point, so stop bothering me.  They lost the point with their pestering.

A thank you from a cache owner.

For me I say thanks.  Nothing makes me happier than looking at my list of caches and knowing that someone really enjoyed it.  For whatever reason.  I have had them favorited because of location, type, even that it was a milestone for them.Yet I still feel like someone gave me a pat on the back when someone gave me a point.


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