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This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

Star Wars - Not a Geocaching Related Post

Yep this is not about geocaching.  I have not posted in a while but I wanted to post.  Just my thoughts, and feelings on the upcoming movie. If you don't like star wars ignore this.

I turn 50 next year, yep, 50.  In 1977 I was eleven, I was the target market for the new movie coming out, Star Wars.  Well ok, perhaps they were shooting for a little bit older, but not by much.  The summer went nuts, and at some point I went to see it and was blown away.  Ok lets step back a little. At the point Star Wars was coming out my little town had one theater that showed movies well after the first release, also they would show one, empty the theater and show a different one, and the runs were long.  Some movies showed for months or years.  I remember in college in 85 that Monte Python and the Holy Grail showed every Friday night and 10pm at a theater.  But I digress.

So when the hype hit, I was far from the scene.  I begged for a book that my parents bought.  I bought a magazine.  I went and bought the book (and it turned out to be a preachers book on Star Wars, no lie), I even bought the comic books.  Yep I still own them, they are beat to death, but I own them.

I grew up a nerd.  My father was a sports guy.  He ran the baseball, and basketball leagues for the community, and refereed/umpired high school games.  I went and helped keep score.  However I had no sports skills at all.  I was even demoted from the little league to the coach pitch league because of how terrible I was. 

Yet every afternoon at 5pm (or 6pm I forget) I could hurry home and watch Star Trek on TV.  I could also enjoy a nice Lost in Space, or if I got up early Space Battleship Yamato. Those were good times.

So that summer I went up with my cousins to Salt Lake City, I bought a ton of trading cards to make a full set, and we saw the film.  I knew what would happen, but it blew me away.  It was fun, and exactly what my mind wanted.

Then came more movies, and I grew up with them.  Then the hiatus.  Then the return.  When they hit the theaters again they were remade and remastered.  If you put them side by side, the old ones suck.  Flat out suck.  Sorry.  The changes, digital re-mastering, DVD over VCR, sound, and you can see the old ones were grainy. 

Then the prequels.  I am biased here.  I loved Star Wars, it was for kids. I took my kids.  My son was 8, and he was in heaven.  For those who hate it, it still had the coolest fight seen so far.  Darth Maul and Qui-Gon Jinn.  Ok wait there was the Yoda-Emperor scene that was pretty cool as well.

Well now it is back.  and I am going.  A 22 hour long sit in the movies to watch it with my wife.  She volunteered.  I might have taken my son, or son in law, but she wanted to go. (Did I marry the right person or what?)

More to come

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