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This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

Hardcore Earthcacher

Welcome all.   I saw this and wanted to share.

A few thoughts......

Kevin ( at the start) has an awesome background.  Is that a Japanese movie poster and an Big Boy restaurant statue behind him?

Moun10bikers (30 seconds in) has a  hero that is  the spindoctors.  A quick lookup shows a team from Australia.  His favorite food is moss.  Aaaah a natural food person.  Do they make shakes in that flavor?  Perhaps in Seattle.  I end with his favorite quote, "Never tell me the odds" by Han Solo.  My respect for this man soared when I read this.  It made me cry with joy. I will sleep happy now.   Oh I am pretty sure he is wearing a real deal hat.

Heather, (35 seconds in)  in all her glory has mad gardening skills apparently.  That could be useful going to the center of the earth.  She has the stone cold look down, and uses it a lot. The tool of the trade is the blowtorch.  Hmmm, that could be bad in a fight with her, not sure how it will help them get to there.

Annika (40 seconds in) is happy to be there and is a master of the fishermans knot.  I am sure that will be handy on the long decent into the Earth. My daughter (practicing to be a crazy cat lady) will be most impressed with her geocaching power.  That could come in handy somewhere when I am caching.  I am not sure where, but I am sure it will be somewhere.  I debated the "Bassoon: yes" comment as she is a bassoon, or she plays one. Happily it will come in handy later.

Alex (45 seconds in) has severe problems with blowing hair.  Apparently all the lackeys blowing fans on here caused some problems, and the budget required them to move on before fixing the hair. Her favorite obsure composer is Beethoven.  I was not aware that the dog Beethoven composed music. My parents had one of those dogs when I was in college, it was huge and scary.  It drooled a lot.  Her hidden skill is puns.  How hidden? does she use them? or just locked in a room alone at home?  Fear: she eats for breakfast.  I was not certain what this meant.  I fear spiders, my wife fears snakes.  So we decided that she eats spiders and snakes for breakfast.  Not my thing, but to each their own.

Ok at 47-49 seconds in we are told they are going to the center of the earth to collect a temperature reading.  Notice she is waving a thermometer.  It appears to be a medical thermometer.  Would that be oral thermometer? or the other one (shudder)?

At 54 seconds they are exercising. Heather is yapping, she must be cold.  She is wearing a big puffy coat. Annika is collapsing with exhaustion, and Alex put her hair back so that it would not attack her like in the earlier scene.  I noticed that Jon, was not too exited, and eventually got a publish notice, or decided to abandon the team to attempt an FTF on his own.  Nice one Jon.  Distract them with that pesky exercise and abandon them too tired to complete their mission.

Then at 1:00 in we hear from Bethany, the 100% real geologist. She tries to tell them how stupid they are, but is obviously a looser as she has no idea what geocaching is. I mean, I have seen tons of movies about journeying to the center of the Earth, Like the book, Journey to the Center of the Earth, or the 1959 classic Journey to the Center of the Earth, or the 2008 marvel Journey to the Center of the Earth.  So a quack geologist.  Not a duck, but a fake geologist.  I thought I should make that clear.

Then they dramatically get ready.  Annika has her shovel.  She must be shy as she is hiding behind the shovel. She has her rope for the fishermans knots.  Heather has a blow torch, it scares me a lot.  Jon apparently is channeling the Shoveler from the Mystery Men.  As a person who has a geocaching persona from that show, I appreciate his homage.

Yes I know that video had nothing to do with The Shoveler or Jon, but I love that scene and this is my blog, so go away.

At about 1:22 Jon is snacking on moss, and spits it out.  Apparently it is his favorite food.  He worked hard with his wee shovel. The others are sleeping, eating and holding the bassoon. Oh, and heather eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

At 1:40 all work stops while the bassoon concert is going on. Jon is busting a wicked dance move.  Watch close or you will miss it. Also, you will note that a bike helmet is an approved caving helmet.

Then they are all wearing nice shoes, carrying suitcases, and heading for the depths of the earth. Alex is undergoing another hair attack. Jon is not wearing approved headgear, and has a bandage around his head.  Our bassoonist also is sporting an injury on her cheek.  How sad.  Heather is really really cold now, she is wearing big puffy coat, and another jacket.

At 2:04 they are looking at their computer.  DNF Pride.  Go DNF pride.  Oh that reminds me of the nice group on facebook.  I Suck at Geocaching I am a member of.  Yes, that is me wandering off on a tangent again.  I wonder if Jon dragged a network cable, or the core must have really really good wifi.  I looked for a restaurant called "the core" near Seattle, with no luck.

Then Janelle our local Earthcache reviewer sees the cache, and another laptop is destroyed by the spray from surprise while drinking.  On the bright side, it is a tiny computer.

The question I had for Janelle is... "Where they heck did you get the red button?!!"  That would be so handy.

And now I end with the BlueRajah, the Shoveller, and some other guy I don't care about.

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