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Geocaching accidental death and safety

Sometimes in the process of caching I find a story that saddens me.

This one came accross my computer today.

On Wednesday July 20th at around 2:20 pm the Creston RCMP, BCAS Services and Nelson Search and Rescue were dispatched to a roadside pull off area near Alkokli Creek Rd, where a 75 yr old man had fallen down a steep embankment after the group had stopped to locate a geocache site.

Despite the efforts of the man's family who were with him and another group of motorists who also assisted to provide first aid and CPR, the man died at the scene as a result of the injuries sustained in the fall.

It is sad to think what can happen.  I have ran into spiders that I were sure were going to kill me, and a few places that made me question my sanity.  My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family during this difficult time.

I teach the Boy Scout merit badge on geocaching.  One of the first sections is safety.  Often we toss that aside.  Some go crazy to grab a cache, but don't forget to look around.  Snakes, spiders, loose ground, cliffs, on a busy road, etc.  No cache is worth dying to try and get (except maybe the space station). 

People forget what is around them.  Take a moment when you look, and think before you go.  I know cachers that do slot canyons and cliffs.  They go prepared with helmets, ropes and safety gear.  Other friends that explore caves and old mines, they take helmets, ropes, multiple lights, and backup gear. 

Any cache is findable, but plan ahead and be safe.  I would be horror struck to find out that some cache of mine caused a death. I try and warn people beforehand.  Geocaching does not police the danger, that is up to the individuals.  The police in the article give some great advice.

We do caution people to consider the terrain at these sites, to ensure that it is safe to attempt to retrieve the item, if deemed that it's in rough terrain, simply skip it. -Cpl Dan Moskaluk

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