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So we made our way to the kokopelli in southwestern utah.   It was a good day after the event, and fun.  We grabbed our group of 16 to start the day, and the trip and began the walk.  I am guessing 8-9 miles, but I could not be certain. 
The hike was good, and for fun I decided to have some fun with my logs.  Here they are.
The Book of TFTC - Chapter one
1 In the beginning was the search, and the search was good. The hunters did gather forth from the corners of the state to begin the search.
2 The search was began with sixteen souls. Sixteen brave souls did step forth in the the waist land, moving among the trees and cactuses to search for their glory in the desert.
3 On this day the sun was bright did beat down upon the cachers that did venture forth. The heat was light as they moved, the righteousness of their cause did lift them up and give them strength.
4 Verily the sixteen did move amongst the plants of the desert. Before the journey in a land far away commandments for the safety of the hunters were given. Thou shalt not wear shorts, for the plants of the desert shall cause thee great pains. Thou shalt avoid all plants, for the plants in this wasteland will cause you great damage, and harm. Thou shalt carry food and water for your trip. And thus where the commandments given, and shared amongst the travelers.
5 But some did ignore the commandments that were given, yea even as the trek did begin it was regarded that the commandment banning the shorts was broken. Many stood before the group, their white legs did shine forth in the afternoon sun, blinding all that did behold them. Yea, looking directly at the legs did bring great pain and agony to those that stood about.
6 Soon thereafter the second commandment was broken. Yea rootiesart did wander directly into the plants of the desert. Yea, and having ignored the first commandment she did fall amongst the plants, and did cause great damage and blood did gush forth from the legs that were not covered from the plants and sun that existed in the desert.
7 And we did travel forth unto the eye. We moved into the great center, or at least in that direction. For the eye did call us, but after finding the eye, and seeing ourselves within its gaze we did travel forth into the caches that were around us on all sides.
8 After the travails amongst the eye the party did once again travel through the desert waist land, and upon a great search did discover the next cache.
9 And Saint Desart raised the cache up on high, saying, 'Oh, Lord, bless this thy cache that with it thou mayest blow thy enemies to tiny bits,
in thy mercy.'
10 And the Lord did grin, and people did feast upon the lambs, and sloths, and carp, and anchovies, and orangutans, and breakfast cereals, and fruit bats. Yet they did travel forth accross the land in their quests.
11 And it came to pass after time I did cry forth unto my people. Yea the journey had been exceedingly easy, and had brought great delight amongst us. Yea it seemed unto me that it was far too easy of a journey for my people, so I did cry unto them to repent their wicked ways and leave the head and travel unto the flute. For the ways of the righteous are difficult and only through such trials can we know our own strengths.
12 And after a time they came to their point of decision, but there were wicked among them. Yea those that did not believe that did not think they they should continue down the flute. yea, hold to the iron flute and let it give strength. Yet they did look forth, and saw much swimming, eating and feasting in the great houses to the NE. Some did continue on determined to prove their strength and leave the head to the flute, while other did wander into the wilderness to perish in their unbelief.
13 And thus did the lords people travel forth. Depending upon the arm of the lord to give them strength in the desert. They did morn the passing of those that did leave unto the comforts of the wicked one.
14 And thus did nine travel south. Some visibly shaken to be left alone. The number dwindling, and many miles yet to be traveled. Yet those that traveled south were strong, and the song of the desert did give them courage.
15 Thus we did continue, diminished in number but strong in the force. Powerful we were, and who stumbled upon us would fear.
16 Thus we reached the end of the flute. Though we could have done more, our paths did need to leave the flute. For we needed to start the return, and it would be long.
17 And we did travel forth unto the sunny land of Nador we were forced to eat Robin's minstrels. And there was much rejoicing
18 A year passed. Winter changed into Spring. Spring changed into Summer. Summer changed back into Winter. And Winter gave Spring and Summer a miss and went straight on into Autumn. Until one day...
19 We did look for the cache, in many manners of location. We did find a ziplock under a small rock on a larger rock. We were discouraged by the wicked ways of others, thus we did shake our heads at those who had gone before. Thus we did determine to replace this cache with another, and there was again much rejoicing.
20 Though some continued in a silent pain, not sharing with others, we did move forth. It now appeared that we were making progress, and there was happiness amongst the people of the band.
21 And so we moved to the west. Looking towards the distance. Avoiding the dangerous plants, and problem that were in our path
21 The excitement of the band was growing, we were getting happy as we realized the northern trail was almost upon us.
22 And so we did arrive at our south western goals. The faces were brightened as they realized we would be turning north, to the vehicles.
23 We did move forth with a bounce in our step, onward and upward. Even the light uphill did not dampen our spirits and we rejoiced.
24 The lines of the hunters for the caches were stretching. Now a finder got to the cache and started signing it. However the cachers that finally caught up were left as we moved on. No rest for the wicked.
25 Thus we did move upwards, we had a celebratory dance as we approached the half way point today. We celebrated the joy of the day.
26 And the group of nine did travel north. We were working hard at making progress. Yea, but we were slowing, the power of the sun was driving us down.
27 Thus we were traveling to the north. slowly working at the upper part of the arm and body.
28 Thus we come to the end, we did cry forth to the youth that we were half way, bringing cheer to their miserable little lives.
29 We reached the end here, and people rejoiced as they realized we were as far west as we would make this trek. Thus we celebrated, and I enjoyed an apple.
30 And we did become less. We did chase for two more of the unbelievers from among us. Casting them forth into the desert to travel alone.
31 Thus did we become the group of seven. Our number dropped. Sadness fell upon us for those that were lost.
32 There was weeping at this point, the many younger of us were sad that we were returning to the east. They had not realized that we had not gotten those.
33 The weeping and wailing went on behind us as we traveled to the SE. Cries for the pain and sadness that overwhelmed them made it more vocal unto us and our travels.
34 Oh the pain, the sadness we crossed the deep wash in the wastes. but we gained strength as we went forward.
35 We did leave those behind us. The younger ones realized that though their elders moved forward they would need to return, as the caches they sought were now behind them.
36 And we were at the end, well the end of the southeast and the south. No more would we walk south, we were strong and did cheer for ourselves.
37 And we did walk far. Yea we now walked a half mile, the longest single non cache walk of the day. For we were now too far south and needing to head to the north
38 The arguments about the hair did continue and go on. This was getting close to where we had to make a decision. How do we not knowing the wisdom of the hider, determine how to do the hair.
39 We now did travel north to the tip of the hair. We did walk through the bush and heard a voice from the heavens or from behind us mocking us in our quest. We had passed this one, though it was not the goal.
40 Thus begins the end. We did see the pain. The younger ones would complain about the jumping back and forth in the hair.
41We Wept
42 Sobs were heard, some had great pains and bleeding feet, I myself had my knee begining to pain me. Lo the pains of the journey was wearing on us.
43 We know we were tired as people could not walk straight. Even Nickum walked into a Joshua tree. Slapping him and teaching him to break the commandments set forth at the start of the journey.
44 The wandering north and south was getting too much. Knees, feet, legs, of all were bringing sorrows to the crew.
45 Thus we did notice the sun did come forth from behind the clouds. The temperature rose from 70s to high 70's. Curses were muttered and we did murmur in our sufferings.
46 I had a view of the trail ahead. Many cried in their sufferings for the cars, but no sight of them could be seen.
47 The last puzzle on the list. I did not make it there, as I approached the others were completing and moving back towards me. Great cries of joy did spring forth from me as we moved forward.
48Truly we were rejoicing. This was on the way back.
49 We returned to the last few caches. And happy to arrive.

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