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This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

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The Musical Highway

An amazingly long and enjoyable day.

The plan.

I had been thinking about this and tossed some ideas out to a few people.  Wondering who might be interested.  I was not sure if i would be able to go, but i really wanted to.  I knew it would be a long one.  200 caches 3 hours away from home.  so we were looking at 8 hours at most (i was guessing i would be really fast in a search. (wrong).
Then finally my plans sorted themselves out about Wednesday night that I would be able to go.  After a trip to the zoo Friday, Saturday was to be free.
I called Jacob, he still wanted to do stuff nearby, but was thinking about it.  He made a few inquiries to the Mortys and Princess Daisies. Thursday night they came over to get a few caches that were located near my home, and we started to talk.  That led to calling Jacob and the decision was made.  We were going to go.  The car was discussed, what to take, when to leave. All vital points that we needed to determine before we left.
Some disagreement on when we were going to meet was discussed and we settled on 7am. Though I did call Jacob later to determine if I had really heard correctly.


Well I got up and headed out.  Of course I was the last one.  7am is really early for me. After a few convulsions  and seizures at getting up so early I finally got rolling.
We met and were off on the road.  I struggled to stay awake, but all was well. Sadly I had to sit in the back by Jacob, but eh... oh well.


Caches on the way.

We hit our first caches as we traveled ac cross the center of the state in Fillmore.  Cache across the US, one of PeanutsParents, and a Tico Jeffry cache. There was not much time to waste as we hit the bathrooms grabbed some small snacks, and were on our way once again.

As we headed south, we pulled off so Jacob to do some cache maintenance and to hit a few more caches on the way. Grabbing a multi, and a few other caches and back on the freeway heading south.  

We hit town at about 11 and grabbed some gas (so we would not be out in the desert without it). Princess Daisies and I grabbed a cache at the gas station, and we started looking for caches in the area to go find. We hit a few and finally decided to go grab some food.  jacob wanted to meet some girl while we were there, so we ate and talked.  

Then we jumped ship for a few and headed out into the parking lot to grab a cache while Jacob visited.  We hit the store and grabbed some Oreos, and a little junk food. We got there and broke up the lovebirds and off we went to the event.

We were late at this point, but there were caches on the way.  Crap.. how did that happen.  So we started to grab a few on the way. Then finally determined that we would be too late if we did not get rolling.

I worked the magic on the way and 190 caches suddenly magically appeared. >>poof<<.  Then I realized a horrible mistake that I had made.  I was watching them all.  So every cache find was going to send me an email until I finally got home and could turn them off.   Drat i had started with 200 emails in my inbox.

Jacob then pulled out his laptop and created and loaded a  pocket query for the area, so that he would be ready. I had cheated a little, and had made the query before I published it.  I sent a copy to the host, but I did not give it to him before we left.  I made him work for it.


We pulled off and into the driveway.  We were not sure we were in the correct place, but I remembered getting an email from one of the event hosts so I pulled out my phone ans sure enough it matched the sign  >woohoo< we were there.

I stopped and talked at the entrance with one of the hosts and eventually went upstairs where everyone was eating and finishing loading the caches to head out on the adventure. Crap.  Mistake #2.  

If I had thought about it I would have waited, so that I could have visited with a few people for a while.  In the end that was probably a good thing.  We chatted with a few people, and people were heading out the door so off we went.

The Musical Highway

We headed off on the journey. I tried to stop and say hi for a minute but the rest of my team was off and in the car by that time, so I figured I better go.  I got out and off we went.  We were the back car in the driveway, so we were first or second to get out on the road.

A breakdown of the caches...
There were a few large ones.
A handful of smaller ones.
Pill bottles
Marker tubes
DNA tubes.

Some were pretty easy to find, others were evil  If you head out the difficulty rating does not always follow how difficult we found it.  The marker tubes drove me nuts.  many were painted, some were in holes in the fence a  number of them were original in how the containers were hid.  All in all it was great.

The day wore on and the train of cars diminished.  Some had to leave at 4pm others 6pm.. The temperature was near 100 and I was surprised that no one had any car trouble.  We would shut the car off at some hides, turn of the AC when we were out of the car.

The day did drag on, after an hour or two I remember thinking.. crap we are only about 1/4 of the way. I thought something like that many times during the day.  We gathered at around the halfway point to talk as a group - we were bunched up looking for one of the unfindable ones, and the cache owner showed up.

The number of cars slowly diminished so that by the end there were 4 cars.. 10 people finished the trail.  At this point I was glad I did not schedule to sit and talk earlier in the day.  The sun was going down on our evening. We snapped a parting shot as a group, and headed off.  We were taking an old train road north, and everyone else was heading back to get the night cache. that we hit earlier in the day.


The return was uneventful.  Jacob placed two at two old rail town/stops that were nothing but dots in the sand. I found a place that I placed my disco inferno cache.  It seemed fitting there was a fire in the distance in some of the hills, and finishing the trail.  We headed up through minersville past all the pig farms. On to beaver and home.  But we did make it on one piece.

We finally crawled home at about 12:30 or a little later. Thanks Wildrills and Ironbuttwings for the fantastic day, and all the cachers for putting up with the four strangers from the north invading your desert country.  I dont want to forget my trip, caching companions, Mortys, Princess Daisies, and Jacob, for making the day and the trip fun and possible.


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