Life as a Geocacher

Caching and Reviewing

This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

Thursday night.... the mountaintop.

This last week was very fun and very enjoyable. 

Thurday night was one of those geocaching adventures that you remember for some time. 

Jacob had called about heading up the canyon.  I did not have anything else planned and my wife was taking the kids off to seven peaks and I was going to be home alone, so off we went.

The goal was to get some information for an earthcache or two up the canyon.  On the way we decided that we would place a few as well.  There was a side road that we followed up and we each placed a cache that overlooks Diamond Fork. 

I love to just find odd names for my caches.  It tends to make them a bit more memorable, and stand out.  My caches named country roads will not stand out to anyone, but Geezerfable or Flippy Widget the Gas Hog may make someone chuckle for a moment.

Well this time the new caches was to be names Blimey my Knickers are Showing.  Jacobs new one a little ways a way was Fork of Diamonds.

There were a few more that we put and and a few more that we found on the way. I wanted to get some information on doing an Earthcache.  So we slowly worked our way up the canyon to find a few of the caches and grab some as we went. 

My favorite on the trip was the cache The Sun Also Rises.  There were a few families there rapelling down some cliffs that were nearby.  A few were climbing, but most were rapelling and just wathing them.  We worked our way up the canyon and up a side road, and found a sun carved in the side of the sandstone cliff. It was actually pretty cool.

I snapped the picture here of a natual arch that is forming.  I wonder how long it will be until it colapses or it forms into a nicer arch.  It looks like a number of people have been climbing on it.

The we ended up at the place that I wanted to make the Earthcache at a spring in the side of the mountain. A sulpher saturated spring.  It was really quite impressive, for a little spring.  It did stink. Pretty bad actually, and a bit of a bog around.

Then the sun started to go down.  There was a bit of debate on which side would be easier to descend.  Diamond Fork or Hobble Creek.  We were heading uphill so off she went. We grabbed one or two caches on the way up.  Then we decided that we were near the highpoint of the trail we might as well descend the Hobble Creek side. 

As we aproached the hilltop we stumbed upon a surpise.  The trail that went to Mollies Nipple was open.  We sat there for a few minutes looking at the trail before we decided to drive up the road.  There were a number of logs dragged accross the road.  I assume it was the farmer trying to keep kids from joyriding up near his cows.  I was the slave labor to drag them off the road.

The bouncing went on and on.. and it got darker and darker.  We finally pulled into a group of trees.  It was very dark at this point.  We scrambled for batteries, lights, and a few thinks as we scrabled up the hill.  I was wondering if we had made some horrible mistake climbing the hill at night.  The oak brush and the wild roses surrounded us for the 15 feet that we could see.  So up we went.

A few minutes later I heard Jacobs voice.. "here it is" I was pretty sure that we would not find it, and had debated wether a hike to a small peak in the middle of the night for a cache that had not been found for three years was a smart idea.  I figured that it would take another trip in the sunlight to do any good.

So there we stood on some mountain.. in the dark signing a log.  It was kind of surreal. Sadly my phone had died and I had no pictures on my phone.  I had made jacob grab his.  So we did grab a few pics.

We wandered down the mountain and had a good time.  It was a great evening.  It had been on our lists for a number of months but we could not force ourselves to do it.  It was just a chance that it was open tonight.. and the choice was made.



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