Life as a Geocacher

Caching and Reviewing

This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

Piles of caches - and What to watch for.

Wow.. today was one of those days.  Once and a while I get a ton of caches to review. Usually it consists of 5-10 people putting out 1-3 caches each.. and maybe one with 6-7.  So a heavy day is made up of 35-40 to go over.. and about 30-35 will get listed.

New people seem to have the most trouble.  That is expected.  Usually it is missing home coordinates or too close to other caches.  Less often are caches that I catch that have a business in the name.  They pop up because people think it is cute to use a nearby business, if it is a bigger company I usually catch it.

Today was one of those days.  It seemed there were 20-30 people or more listing many caches.  In the end I think I counted 52 caches that were listed with a lot that were waiting to have a few fixes by the cache owner.  That is a lot. More than I normally do.  Outside of times people were putting out a power trail this appears to be the biggest day.

So how can you get you caches listed?

The process is pretty simple.

  1. Proximity.  Make sure there are no other caches around you.  Load them in your gps.  Then when you get back home do a search for the coordinates.  If you are not a premium member when you do a search it will pop up. it will not tell you its coordinates, but it will tell you SW 522 feet. Remember 528' is the rule.  There is no longer a "across the river/freeway" exception. There are some that are given, about 1-2 a month.  Usually for something dramatic, or they are a few feet to close to a puzzle, or be new. 
  2. Avoid homes.  If you are publishing in a residential area, expect questions.  GPS units can be 50-70 feet off.  Are there clear hints? Is it your home? Are the neighbors aware (remember 50 feet off can be on their porch).  Do you mention you have their permission.
  3. Colleges.  Every college student wants to place a cool ammo can labeled "grenades" on campus.  Welcome campus police and bomb squad.  They should know, use a clear container, or make it a micro, oh and label it.
  4. Commercial.  Pizza Hut cache, or Zion's Bank Cache will not get listed without permission from groundspeak.  If you place those in your cache page you will get a similar result.  You will get tied up waiting for permission.
  5. Challege caches.  Did you complete it? or is a number of people able to.  Prove it. Put the info in your description.  Oh by the way, it cannot be a list of Bobs, or your own caches.  Unless Bob has 300 and you want people to find a small number (but not your own).
  6. No travel bug Prisons.  Travel bugs are not yours, THEY ARE NOT TRADE ITEMS.  Did I say THEY ARE NOT TRADE ITEMS.  You cannot say take one, leave one.  You can ask, but not tell them.  Personally if I run accross a prison, it is time for a Jail break.  If you are carrying 20 of them around, please set them free.  That is the goal, not for Bob to carry them.

That is pretty much the major things I run across.  Hopefully these help. Oh by the way there is one thing that you should remember.  Patience.  If I have a question or a problem I move on.  Why have a load of caches waiting because someone wants to hide a camo taped pvc pipe in a the bushes by the courthouse 300' from another?  I will spend time writing it up, so I move on. 

I may have some concerns and I email another reviewer for their opinion, or put it on the reviewer forum for all of them to give their ideas.  I also may not review for a day.. or two. I do have a life and go caching, or get out of town.  So a delay may be for a few issues.

Emailing every 120 minutes will not help.  If there was some issue, please post notes on the cache page.  If in a few days no response is coming along email me.  Give me the GC code so I can find it.  I have over 350 caches on hold right now (some waiting to be published others for issues).  Yes I do need to clear them out.


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