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This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

Android Geocaching App - Part 2

Initial Menu and settings

Well onto part 2.  When it first boots and yout get past the spash screen with the little "be carful and don't die geocaching" warning at the bottom of the screen. 

Inital screen

Your initial screen has four seperate settings.

  • Find nearby caches
  • Search by location
  • Search by GC code
  • Trackables

If you hit your menu button a few more options pop up.

  • Saved
  • Settings

Find nearby caches (See Android Geocaching App - Part 3)

I was going to start with finding the nearby caches next but I decided to go through the other settings they will make the other settings easier in the process.  So stay tuned for the next part.

Search by Location

There are a few ways to search by location. You can enter an address, zip code, airport ID, or Lat/Long.  I expected the ability to search by the address, and also to search by a zip code, and Lat/Long was just obvious.  It was the airport ID that caught me off guard.  I am not sure where it would be used, but I guess it is nice to have more options. 

A search will bring up the nearest caches to the location.  I always hate using zip codes, whenever I search I do not get the center of town, but the center of the zip code.  That means middle of fields or in the hills.

Search by GC Code

This one is pretty obvious.  You can also use this to look at unpublished caches, you cannot log them if they are locked (I tested it) , but you can use this to look for them.


This lets you enter a trackable number.  Eventually they will add it so you can pick up a trackable.  At the moment you cannot do anything but look up the trackable.  The only use that I can see is to be able to see the goal of the trackable. 

Saved (Menu button item) See part 4

The Saved selection takes you to a screen where you can download a pocket query.  I will cover this more in Part 4

Settings (Menu button item)

This opens the menu buttons screen and has a number of options that I think are vital to understanding the rest of the program


The name and password of your GC account.  You can alter it here if you need to.  Let a friend search?  Who know what reasons, but it is here

Submit field notes

You can choose to save your field notes and submit them all at once, or you may enter a place where you have no reception.  This setting lets you send the logs when you are able

Search Filters

You have two options here  Traditional and All.  If you are set on traditional all you will get in your search is Traditional Caches. If you select all you will get all the other options: puzzles, earthcaches, mystery, etc.

Show all/Hide finds

You can have it include your finds or hide them

Returned results

This is where you can set how many caches you want to pop up in your search.  I always set it for 20.  There area always a number of caches that I am ignoring and do not want to check out.  Or some I search for continually and cannot find. You can set the numbers for 5,10,15, or 20.


Meters or Feet, your choice.


When yo decide to navigate to a cache, this tells you what will come next.  It can take you directly to the Google map to navigate your way, or the compass mode.  There is a bug in some of Android phones that cause a crash on the map page.  If that happens to you this is a setting that you will need to switch.

dbase location

SD card/Phone.  You can select where it is saving your info. I have not seen a benifit either way.

Search for GPX

I will have to look for this one.  I tried a search with no luck.  But it could be that it needs to be in a certain location

next - Part 3 Geocache Navigation


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