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Caching and Reviewing

This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

Android Geocaching App - Part 3

We are on to finding and heading to the local geocaches.  In part 2 we looked at the setting and some of the different ways to search .. now we will move on to the search.

If we select the Find Nearby Geocaches that we mentioned before a screen pops up with a number of options.  In general I have searched for 20 unfound traditional caches.  I do not spend much time with many of the others, If I do I will have searched on my Oregon GPS

Understanding the Found Caches

When your list of caches comes up there is a lot of info that will pop up right away.

  • There is a Symbol that shows the cache type (from If you have found it the type will show with a large check box.
  • Name of cache
  • Terrain/Difficulty
  • Size
  • GC #
  • Distance and Bearing
  • There are also three bars.  The three bars will show you disabled, premium and found.
  • Bugs - with the number that are inside.

Geocache Details

When you select the cache that you are looking for you will jump to the next screen with more info.  The menu at the top will show you the previous info, but will also include who placed the cache, and the date hidden.

Following down are the following menus

Navigate to Geocache

I will cover it lower on the page. 

Save for offline use

Saves the cache for when you are out of cell area.. or loose signal.


Pulls the description from the cache page

Recent Logs

This will show you the recent logs on the cache.  If you are looking at a saved file that list will be 5 caches (or whatever you downloaded on a custom file)  If you are using live, it gives you get the last 10, there is also a handy button to show you the next 10.  You have access to a number of logs if you need them


Who could not use a hint now and then.


This will show you the attributes that you can use on the cache page.


A list of the trackables in the cache.  Clicking on them give you the symbol art, name, tag/coin and #.  It will take you to the trackable page so that you can review the description and see the goal of the trackable. It will even take you to the trackable cache page if you wish.


This will show all the photos that people have uploaded on the cache page.  I always wanted this to help find a spoiler.  I finally got it.

Post a Log/Field Note

This takes you to the page to log your cache. On that page is

Select log type


Auto Post Log

This will set it to post when you are done on or throw it onto your field notes to complete logging offline later.

Save and Dismiss

Save it until later?  I will follow up on this one.

Submit to

Pretty obvious.

--now jumping back to the previous screen where we left off.

Find Nearby Geocaches.

Do another search from this point as center point

View on

Jumps to the website so you can see the cache page

View on External map

This lets you pick another location on your android device to look.  In particular you can use this option to take you to the program to use your auto to help you navigate to your cache, giving you turn by turn instructions.

Navigating to a Cache

As mentioned above you can select this to help you jump to your navigation. You will get a green pin for the cache.  a blue dot for you and a line for how far to go.  on the top of the screen in a little black bar is the cache name and how far away you are.  Your blue dot may have a circle around it.  That circle gets bigger or smaller based on the accuracy of the signal.

Map Mode

You can hit your menu button and select map mode to change it to satellite mode (I prefer)

My location

there is also a menu button that will always jump you back to your location, so if you are panning around it can jump you back

Add waypoint

Another vital button is adding a waypoint.  This will take you to a point where you can enter the location.  This is ideals for some puzzles and mutlis.


This will let you jump to the compass.  It will point you in the direction you are heading.. give you the coords at your location, and where you are going. and your gps accuracy. 


I am getting better at this, I have started to really enjoy using this, and writing this has helped me find a number of little hints tricks.  but is is very responsive to me, and is easy to use.

next - Part 4 - Loading Saved Files


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