Life as a Geocacher

Caching and Reviewing

This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

An adventure

Earlier this week I decided that I was going on a drive. I wanted to get away and get up into the mountains. It had been some time since I had gotten out. I had studied maps and decided where I wanted to go, my planned route, and how long it would take.

I took off up the left fork of Hobble Creek with the idea to circle back to Diamond fork, or down through the right fork of Hobble Creek. It was a good plan. I would turn around at any point that I needed to.

So off and up. I found a few caches on the way up. I had not been up here for some time and It was time for me to grab them. The road that I was planning on taking appeared to be closed. No matter up I went. The road at the base was rought but not bad. You could take it if you were careful in a car. Once you have to cross the creek then you could be in trouble.

From there on it got rough. I reached a point just past the scout camp and the road was a shale slide. My tires sank like I was in soft sand and I gunned it. I had images of me digging my way back. I promised myself that I would not return that way. (big mistake).


I worked my way up a road that was narrow, and steep. There were some very pretty views on the way up. It reminded me a lot of home down in Richfield. It seems like most roads up here are crawling with people. Not this one all is quiet.

I did make it to a cache called Lazy and placed a few out. There were not many up here, and I am not sure how many will actually make it up here in the long run.

Past that point I tried to go up a road to make it to the top. That road would let me drop into strawberry if I needed to. Well I got within about .2 miles of the top and it was too steep. I could have made it in 4 wheel drive but I need to fix that. That ended in me backing up down a road with rocks as big as a basketball, for about 1/4 of a mile.


So I decided I would take the longer way out. Driving up that road I began to have problems. The engine died, and I could not get it running quite right. I began to realize as the sun was going down that I was facing the prospect of spending the night on the mountain. I was not too worried. A truck, and I would have built a fire in the road. I had not seen anyone for 6 miles,

It was all down hill so I figured it was time to coast. I actually figured I would get down to some meadows. If I wanted to spend the night I could there. But coasting down there were no rises at all. None. So I coasted for about 2 miles, no power steering and no power brakes. Like the old trucks.

After a while I tried to start the engine and up it went. Apparently it had got hot and vapor locked. So all was well. I placed a few caches on the way down. I wished I had placed them higher where I backed down and where I turned around, but that's life.

The things we do for fun and geocaches.

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