Life as a Geocacher

Caching and Reviewing

This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

Tons of work.

The last few days have been nuts.  I have been going through so many emails.  Once and a while I get so busy, or frustrated with the many notices, beggins, growlings, and other things I just stop.  I take a day off doing a few things like I enjoy. Like a good game of Plants -vs- Zombies with my girls giving me advice.

Usually it backfires.  I came back this time with piles of caches sitting and literals tons upon tons of emails. 

To top it all of my work let go a helper. Now I am buried up to my eyeballs.

So I have not had a chance to keep up on this.

Oh.. and sorry about the GPS DrJay.  I drove by again and looked today.

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