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This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

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Geocaching update, Febuary 1

Today was the date of some new updates for those that were interested.


You can see below some of the filter options:

There are plenty of map options.  I really like the topo option.




The two shots show some of the difference if you sit down and use the filters that are available. 

The upper map is everything on. I then turned off the caches that I had found and that I own... then shut off puzzles and events.  That leaves me with a good list of what I can go after, tonight on the way home.


You can also now click on the blue favorites ribbon in a search or on the cache page.  It will tell you what percentage of premium members that have found the cache have listed it as a favorite.   I would personally like that a sortable column, but  this is an improvement.

It does make a bit of a difference  The top ten and their %

48 - 8%

Virtual Cache Bryce Canyon National Park- Inspiration Point by Team Family Affair (GCHQMX)
45 - 10%

Traditional Cache Tour of Duty (TBs) by CoolCache (GCR206)


34 - 17%

Virtual Cache Angel's Landing by Iskander De Toquerville, Pipeline & Percible (GCG2ZP)
32 - 12%

Earthcache Delicate Arch by Lord Mot, Baby Girl and Littlefoot (GC177KB)
31 - 4%

Virtual Cache Arches National Park- Balanced Rock by Team Family Affair (GCHQFJ)
25 - 12%

Earthcache Zion Narrows by Coach Steve (GCZ5YD)
24 - 9%

Earthcache Avalanche on Wall Street- Bryce Canyon NPS by LuvWahoo (GCZCME)
23 - 9%

Virtual Cache Arches National Park - Delicate Arch by GunniGirl (GCJG49)
22 - 10%

Virtual Cache Golden Spike by Seth! (GC6FD7)

21 - 8%
Virtual Cache Temple Square Virtual Cache Tour by Scout Master (GCHZZ1)


In fact.. the highest % with those over 10 votes

22%a three way tie

Traditional Cache Galileo 400 by lesdubois and son (GC1TYC9)

Unknown Cache EYE'S OF A UTAH GEOCACHER by MomtheCook,cashnhubby & Rubberpaws, ArticScarab (GC1FAM4)

Traditional Cache Fat Man's Misery by Heidi, Jared, Autin (GCFE7E)


The most popular % wise (with those 7 votes or higher)  In fact this was the only one over 30% with over seven votes.

78% - 7 votes

Unknown Cache Pining for Evergreens by MOCKBA (GCJVJY)


You can list out your milestones.  You can have the website generate them, or you can correct them yourself.


Needs maintenance

I think this is new.  Now when you do a search, or go to someones profile there is an info column.  In the past that column mentioned if it had geocoins, or travel bugs in it.  Now it will also show the premium member icon, and an Icon for Needs Maintenance.  So you will be able to see before you go if it needs maintenance.  If I look for one that needs maintenance, I may take a few things (logs, container), or not go at all.



Why maintain now?

    Someone asked me why I was doing a push for maintenance right now.  It is pretty simple really.  We have Geocoinfest coming up, we don't want to have a ton of empty/lost caches around for them to deal with, and second there is winter coming on.  Once October/November hits, there will be no ability to reach some of the caches, and the desire to go out in the cold keeps others from being checked.
The result is bombing you now, rather then in the middle of winter when we can do nothing about them.  So expect to be hit with a quick note if you have a cache that is under  the weather, or missing for some time.  I am trying to sort out the Difficulty 5 caches, so that they don't get flagged.  Many times people look for a few minutes and leave and say they looked.  That is the purpose of those caches.  You may get a note, please respond, or just to a quick check to see if it is still there.  People like to know they are looking for something, and that it has not fallen out of the tree and rolled into the storm drain.

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