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This is made up of stories from my caching and my reviewing.  It is a collection of those along with comments and thoughts.  Photos, and maps of some adventures and lists of some of the oldest caches.

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Favorite Caches in Utah

I took the time to play in Excel, and I sorted out the favorite 60 caches in Utah.  I was happy to see that at the moment I had 14 caches that had a favorite point.  It cheered me up to think that someone liked my caches enough to list them as a favorites.  Next spring will be two years and some will need an overhaul for the upcoming year.

The list does no have any multicaches, wherigos, webcams, or letterboxes.  There were none in the top 60 that were listed, so though some have points.. they did not come up on my list.   Next time I may go to the top 100.  That should add a few more.

I will update this periodically and see what the changes are.

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Importing the past, and the future

I am slowly closing down my old website on Google.  I transferred over all my old files today.  So instead of a 6 week old blog.. we jump back to  a year.

So one year of random thoughts.  Most of my earlier stuff was related to when I was just a reviewer.  I realized that there was not a lot to say.  Cool stuff, I can't say.  Some things I have to just wait until more is released. 

So I started to talk less and less.  Most of the old trending topics were maintenance, and reviewing.  Much has changed.

Thanks everyone for letting me have fun with you for the last year.  If I have upset you, I am sorry. Some have been vocal and hostile with me about groundspeak policies, or how I try to accoplish them. Hopefully the venting has helped out.  I have learned a ton, many things the hard way.  Like when I had to constantly move a cache because I doing things wrong at first, this is much the same.

If you have concerns let me know.  If you want to chat... the same.  I am pretty busy and it may be put off for a bit, but I save them all.  I save every needs archived email, until it is back or resolved. So if I take a bit, there may be some reasoning.

Once again thanks.  Utah cachers are the best.

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